07 9 / 2014

Wireless Home Video Security Systems – Comparing Piper, DropCam, SimpliCam, ManyThing

Webcams used to be just for checking weather at the beach and Skyping with your in-laws. Now Internet cameras can easily record everything that happens around the house—they’re your domestic all-seeing eyes. Wireless home video security systems have really come a long way over the years.

This may sound a bit creepy. But there’s a certain appeal to do-it-yourself home security: My San Francisco…

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09 8 / 2014

How to check for hidden cameras in your home

With so many new advances in security cameras these days the possibilities as to where they are located and what they are recording are endless. There may be hidden cameras in your home without you even knowing.

It seems every day there is a new camera being released that is even smaller and more easily hidden than the before. This is opening up a lot of new potential places that your activities…

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25 7 / 2014

Excuses you need to secretly monitor your teenage child

I wrote this article for those parents are worried to death about the safety of their children. Here are the smoothest excuses you need to secretly monitor your teenage children.

I believe kids would always be a handful, especially in those teenage years. It’s important to let them express their individuality, but we must protect and guard them as their parents. Our struggle at balancing both is…

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25 7 / 2014

Your camera for deep sea scuba diving is your gateway to the underworld

Ever gone on a deep-sea scuba diving experience?

If you have ever seen the footage or photographs of deep-sea life, you would agree to one thing – there is nothing as beautiful and colorful anywhere else in this world. To swim through the silent and breathtaking world of marine animals is indeed a life alerting experience.

Yes, deep-sea scuba diving is one of the deepest and abiding passions of…

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11 7 / 2014

You’re missing out if you don’t use smart security systems

The development of technology has had a drastic impact on our lives. Whilst in some instances we’ve only had to modify existing ways to new technology, other times technology has defined the way things are done.

Generally, technological innovations have been positive; they’ve aided our lives and redefined our concept of comfort, efficiency and security to new impressive heights.

The definition of…

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22 5 / 2014

NYC School Discusses School Security Systems

There have been a number of tragedies over the past several years at schools, including numerous school shootings.

People obviously have a lot of questions about school security, and what’s being done to protect this nation’s students.

In the past decade alone, the number of security measures being implemented in schools has increased tenfold.

Read: Surveillance Cameras in Schools – To be or not…

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22 5 / 2014

Top Ways to Make Your Home Safer

For most of us, the place that we find to be the most comforting, and the place where we feel safest, is our own home. But for some of us, we might not feel as safe as we should within our four walls, and you can’t put a price on peace of mind, so it helps to make sure you’ve done everything you can to make your home as safe as it can be. Here are some tips for ensuring you’ve protected your home…

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